This Saturday at the OnCenter Convention Center, we'll have your opportunity to sample beer from some of America's best craft breweries at Syracuse Beer Fest.

Since Thanksgiving and Syracuse Beer Fest are right around the corner, now is probably an appropriate time to mention that our ancestors had a liking for a good brew too.

According to Grabbing the

Beer was a mainstay of the diet back then because water was full of naughty micro-organisms and unsafe to drink, especially on board a ship. The Mayflower was loaded with casks of beer for the journey across the Atlantic. But dwindling beer wasn’t the only problem, with winter’s arrival they were also running out of time to build a settlement.

Most likely, Pilgrims drank a pumpkin flavored ale because barley didn't grow well in the new world. Sometimes they used corn in the brewing process, but more often than not, they chose to use the big orange squash. Have you seen this Pilgrim's Poem?

If Barley be wanting to make into Malt,

We must be contented and think it no Fault,

For we can make liquor to sweeten our

Lips Of Pumpkins and Parsnips and Walnut-Tree Chips

Out hometown Saranac Brewery has an excellent Pumpkin Ale, and they'll be showcasing their beers this weekend in Syracuse. The event is this Saturday November 14th. It features live music, food, and oh! General admission, and VIP Passes are available.

For TICKETS and a LIST of Breweries represented at Syracuse Beer Fest CLICK HERE.

Just Jenn and I talked about the pilgrims and beer this morning.