With just about a week to go before Christmas, it's pretty much shopping crunch time. 20% of Americans haven’t even started shopping yet! Don’t fall into the traps!

According to walletpop.com here are the Seven Deadly Sins of Christmas Shopping

1. Wrath- Don't shop angry. You'll miss out on the spirit of the season and probably make bad choices. I can say I’ve done this on Christmas Eve, and its never pleasant.

2. Greed- Everybody wants to find good deals and bring home as many gifts as possible, but there's a limit to just how much shopping you should be doing. Don’t set such high limits, or expect people to do that on you!

3. Sloth- By sitting around, doing nothing, you're setting yourself up for disaster. Take care of business now, the shelves are running low!

4. Pride- Bargain hunting is for everyone. Don't be ashamed to compare prices and ask for discounts. But don’t price-match for a few pennies, or anything under 5 bucks.

5. Lust- Don't let charming salespeople get to you. A lot out there are amazing at their job, and can tell you what you need, but don’t let someone convince you to spend 300 dollars if you’re looking to spend 20 max. Stay on the straight-and-narrow path and save money.

6. Envy- Appreciate what you have and stop wanting and buying what others have. It's bad for your wallet. It's bad for your soul!

7. Gluttony- Seasonal stress eating will sap your energy and make you unhappy. Bring an apple along for the shopping trip and steer clear of that food court. Or in my case the Chinese food!