It's the final weeks of the Quitting Smoking Challenge. Each day is becoming more and more difficult, but there is some surprisingly good news for this week.

Last week, it was a pretty bad week for me in the Quitting Smoking Challenge. I was able to get down to 5 cigarettes a day (for the week), but trying to go down to 4 per day just seemed impossible. I had no success with it. Then last week came, and I was suppose to cut down to 3 smokes per day.

Unfortunately, over the last week, I didn't do much when it came to cutting back, or even attempting to quit. But that all changed yesterday. I got my fight back. I remembered why this is so important to me, and why I need to quit!

So here we are - Week 7 of cutting back, which has pretty much turned into just... Well, quitting. Let's see how well I can make it this week, trying not to smoke at all.

Who knows - maybe I'll actually be smoke-free BEFORE December 1st!




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