You have so been daydreaming about chicken nuggets. Yes, the famous kind that everybody loves. You scrape together your teenager pennies to muster up just enough (literal) coins to afford to 6-piece meal with fries and a drink. You're smiling from ear to ear in the drive through as you hand the fellow teenager attendant your awkward collection of nickels, dimes, quarters and bills. Your mouth is watering because you can smell those fresh fries from your driver's seat.  While you quietly salivate, the attendant quickly eyeball counts the cash and when finished, hands you your long-awaited deliciousness.

Excited, you literally can't wait to pull off before you NEED to take a bite of one of those nuggies. No need for dipping sauce. You could eat them all as is. You pull a steaming hot nugget from its container, bless it with quick teen gratitude and take an inspired bite. But then...

the chew...



What is that?

Why is this minced chicken nugget "crunchy", on the inside? But not really chewable at all?

Turns out, it's because a giant piece of chicken cartilage made up the whole of that particular nugget, and it was so disturbing that I threw the whole lot away and decidedly began my vegetarian journey on that very moment.


And I am not the only one.

Mark from Canastota said,

You know what's worse than finding a cockroach in your sandwich? Finding a half a cockroach in your sandwich.

He added that after he almost threw up his lunch, he decidedly never returned to the Rochester establishment he unwittingly purchased the roach sammy from.


There are many, many more strange food discoveries. Check these out.

Credit-- Lite 98.7 Facebook page
Credit-- Lite 98.7 Facebook page
Credit-Lite 98.7 Facebook Page
Credit-Lite 98.7 Facebook Page

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