Christmas is less than a week away and 2012 is winding down quickly.  As we look back at the year, what were we searching for online?  Bing, Yahoo and Google have listed their top searches for the year.  

The presidential election was a popular search this year, as was Hurricane Sandy, but they weren't the number one  top searches of 2012.  Celebrities always make the list, don't they?  See what made the top five!

Yahoo's top five 2012 searches:

1. election

2.  iPhone 5

3.  Kim Kardashian

4.  Kate Upton

5.  Kate Middleton

Bing's 5 Most Searched for News Stories of 2012:

1.  iPhone 5

2.  2012 Election

3.  2012 Olympics

4.  Hurricane Sandy

5.  Honey Boo Boo Show

Google's Top 5 2012 Trending Searches:

1.  Whitney Houston

2.  Hurricane Sandy

3.  Election 2012

4.  Hunger Games

5.  Jeremy Lin