We've all taken a wrong turn, or received a faulty set of directions, or encountered coverage problems, or punched in an incorrect address on our GPS, or become flummoxed by confusing road signs...and gotten horribly lost.

It happens everywhere. Sometimes right around the corner from where you live. Maybe even embarrassingly close to home.

Here are the Top Places We Get Lost in Central New York:

Golf Courses

There are about eight different ways to get to the Cedar Lake Club in Clayville. Here are a few: (A) Route 8 to Holman City Road. (B) Take Roberts Road until it ends, then bang a right and you'll run right into it. (C) Take Mohawk Street all the way to Cedar Lake Road, take a left, go past the corn fields and farms, and you're getting close. (D) Go past the quarry, up the hill past the Lanterns, hang a left at the old graveyard, then a right at the church steeple, go over the rise, and you're there.

They can ALL get you lost, because, no matter which one you take, your GPS will probably fail before you can actually spot the course. First time I played there, I think I must've circled it for an hour.

And don't get me started on Hidden Valley Golf Club in Whitesboro. Easy to SEE from the New York State Thruway. Not so easy to GET TO. I relied on my GPS to get me there for a tournament once and ended up joining my foursome already in progress. Hidden, indeed.


My buddy Greg Morra said "Try giving someone directions to the Ramada Inn on Henderson Street." Yup. Just like Hidden Valley, it's easy to SEE from 840; actually GETTING TO IT...not so much.

The Adirondacks

Our former radio intern Sam Heansel says the whole ADK is "kind of terrifying at night because there are such long stretches of roads with no people or gas stations and absolutely no cell service/gps coverage."

We can vouch for that. On one kayak trip up north, our GPS led us to the end of a dirt road where a woman wielding a shotgun asked us to kindly vacate her property.

If you'd like to tell us where to get lost, go for it. Just make sure you provide directions.


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