On my way home from the Kallet Civic Center on Friday I took some time to snap a couple photos of the world's smallest church.

A buddy and I decided to check out open mic night at the Kallet Civic Center on Friday. I was really impressed with the musicians who performed. One gentleman nailed "I Can't Help Falling In Love" by Elvis. Another shredded his guitar in an awesome rendition of "Rockin' in a Free World." Recent renovations to the Kallet make it a thoroughly enjoyable place to listen to music. Central New York is inundated with talented performers. Check out open mic night on the last Friday of every month.

After we left the Kallet, my friend told me that the "world's smallest church" was right around the corner. We decided to check it out. According to Atlasobscura.com:

The tiny white, clapboard chapel sticks out from the middle of the lush pond surroundings on a floating jetty just large enough to moor one rowboat too. The room was built in 1989 and has under 30 square feet of space on the inside. Just large enough for a bride, a groom and someone to wed them, so long as they don't mind getting crammed together. The titular Cross Island is nowhere to be seen, but there is a small cross jutting out from some exposed rocks in the pond, which is the most likely candidate.

Matt Hubbell

Spring is wedding season and if you're planning a reception, ceremonies can be scheduled by appointment at Cross Island Church. Hopefully you have a small wedding party though because the church only has two seats. The rest of the wedding party needs to row out to the chapel and witness the service from their boats.

Just Jen and I chatted about Cross Island Chapel this morning.




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