Have you ever found something disgusting in your food or beverage?

I have this friend. We'll call him Charlie, because that's his name. Charlie woke up this past Saturday morning in the Adirondacks amongst friends and loved ones and found an animal in the coffee pot. Okay, that's pretty bad. But it's not the worst part. Unfortunately, Team Charlie had already enjoyed their morning coffee (two cups in Charlie's case) when they made their stomach-churning discovery at the bottom of the pot. Warning for the squeamish: Don't scroll any further.

Credit: Charlie Andrews
Credit: Charlie Andrews

Yup. That's a mouse. And he's not just taking a nap or swimming a sidestroke. Although, that might actually have been worse. Here's how it happened, according to one eyewitness: "It was the 6am fishing crew, just poured water in from water jug, didn't pick up carafe. Hadn't been here in 3 weeks." Here's our on-air segment about the incident:

Some of the comments underneath Charlie's Facebook post were pretty funny:

-Mousecafe, good to the last dropping

-Kinda like the worm in the tequila

-Extra protein

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? What was your next course of action? Charlie's solution (pictured below) was a few heavy doses of his own self-proclaimed "Dead Mouse Medicine," which he thinks came with the additional benefit of killing "any COVID-19 virus I might have had in me."

Credit: Charlie Andrews

One friend said rum was okay, but he might have chosen Scotch, which he thinks would be faster acting. We can hear the Folger's jingle now: The worst part of waking up...is Mickey in your cup.

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