Whether you have a cold, the flu, or are just feeling under the weather, the last thing you need to hear is some ridiculous comments that make you feel even worse.

Being sick is rough enough. Don't make it worse for someone by saying some of these 'common sick small talk' lines (which you can catch in the video above).

1 - "You Look Awful!" - When is it ever okay to say this to anybody? If you're sick, you already know you don't look your best, you know you look... well, sick. You don't need reminders from anyone.

2 - "Eww - Stay Away From Me. I Can't Get Sick." - Really? Because that's your evil plan all along: Spread germs and make everyone feel as bad as you do.

3 - "Maybe You Should Go Home." - Wow, what a great idea. If you could go home, you would have already been there.

4 - "Drink Plenty of Water, Get Your Rest, Take Medicine..." - Seriously?! If you're battling a cold or the flu, we think it's okay to assume someone has already taken the steps to try and feel better.

5 - "Aren't You Leaving Town? Better Hope You Get Well Soon!" - Okay, now that's just like rubbing it in. Of course you want to feel better and you're hoping it won't ruin your vacation or concert, or whatever other event you have going on. Not cool.



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