Canada Dry, the maker of the famous Ginger Ale, and its parent group Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, are currently involved in a court battle just down the New York State Thruway from the Mohawk Valley in Buffalo.

A woman named Julie Fletcher has filed suit against the company's advertised claims that their soda pop contains actual ginger, when it actually has only a "minuscule amount of ginger flavor extract.

Fletcher, a mom who lives in a small town named Bolivar near Olean, New York said she was led to believe that ginger root's qualities could soothe an upset stomach, so she had given it to her children for years.

The company maintains that real ginger is used in the flavoring of the soft drink and is using that argument against Fletcher, and also against other plaintiffs in separate court battles in Massachusetts and California.

Have you ever used Ginger Ale for an upset stomach? And did you achieve positive results?


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