This fella has an extra large size love of pizza.

Meet Dan Janssen. The Ellicott City, Maryland man has eaten pizza each day for the last 25 years. Amazingly, he doesn't have the figure of a sumo wrestler and he doesn't seem to be in ill health.

And lest you think his diet is comprised solely of pepperoni and mushroom, think again. Janssen makes a point to eat other foods, although he always sets aside some room in his tummy on a daily basis for the wide variety of pizza available.

Eating pizza each day seems like something you should outgrow after you get your diploma and move off campus, so there may be a mental component to Janssen's compulsion, which may explain why his fiancee has implored to seek help.

And here's the real kicker: Janssen has diabetes, which makes his food choices all the more curious.