Let's play another fun game of 'This or That.' This time we're going to be making you choose between two things to do, summer favorites, and things like that.

In case you haven't played any of our last "This or That" games, it's just like playing "Would You Rather." We'll give you two items and you have to choose the better option. You choose what you would rather have, what you would rather do, and all that. We've created polls for this one, so you can vote for your favorite answer.

After we collect everyone's votes, we'll share the answers and see what places and things were named the best.


Alright, are you ready to play??


Here we go! "This-OR-That: Summer Edition"



There you have it - Our 10 summer questions. You can vote as much as you want from now until noon on Sunday, July 22nd. We'll then share the results with you the week of the 23rd. Good luck, and may the best summer things win!




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