When local meteorologist's Jill Reale and Samantha Wessling tell me that the Mohawk Valley is going to be hit hard with storms, I listen. Sure it bugs me when the warnings pop up during 'Judge Judy' but still, I pay attention. Recently a violent storm broke out in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and when KSFY-TV weather anchor Shawn Cable broke into prime time programming to warn viewers to take cover as a tornado had been spotted on the ground, viewers called in and complained.

As you'll see in the video, his co-anchor, Nancy Naeve ripped into the people who allegedly called in and complained.
KSFY'S Shawn Cable says:

I don't take the decision to break in lightly, but when there's a confirmed tornado on the ground that is headed toward people's homes, I break in. I don't care what's on.

As a broadcaster, I agree with Nancy totally.

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