Have you started your holiday shopping yet?  No, I haven't either.  I know, I know, it's only October but there are some people who shop early and others who do their holiday shopping all year long.  Either way, whenever you do decide to begin, and there's plenty of time left before you have to go into panic mode, are you going to be buying for you too?  

One for me, one for you.  Buying for yourself during the holidays is popular this year, especially among young adults.  Yup, a new survey by the National Retail Federation shows six in ten shoppers plan to splurge on themselves this year.  They plan to spend an average of $139.92 and this is the most shopper's in the survey's history who plan to buy for themselves, in addition to others.  The gift most people want?  CNBC reports gift cards are the most popular gift to receive.  I know alot of people who don't like to give them because they feel like it's not really a gift but I not only love to give them, I love to receive them.  Shopping with a gift card  from your favorite store is fun!  Online shopping will be even more popular this year, with more than half of shoppers surveyed saying that's how they'll be doing some of their holiday shopping.  I love the convenience of online shopping, especially when the weather isn't so great in the winter.  How much will be spent?  The average holiday shopper will spend around $749.51 on decor, gifts and cards, with the most spent on family.  Back to the early shopping for a second.  41% of consumers surveyed said they'll begin their shopping before Halloween.  I'm definitely not one of them.  See you in the mall after Thanksgiving.