Polly Pocket. Dolls so tiny, you need your glasses to see their shoes. If you held on to those playsets, it could be time to cash in.

House Beautiful reports that on Australia's version of eBay, some Polly Pocket sets - still in their original packaging - are selling for upwards of $3,000. That's all well and good, but what about US eBay?

Prices are equally insane for lots and certain sets.

A Polly Pocket Dream Builder Playset is selling for $800. A 1995 version of the Polly Pocket ice cream stand is listed for $2,650. One seller put together their collection of used Polly Pocket toys, and has listed them for $650.

I guess the takeaway message here is never throw away your kids' (or your) toys. 

At this price, it's likely I vacuumed up about $400 worth of Polly Pocket toys when my girls were little.

Do remember Polly Pocket? Do you still have them around the house?

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