Look at these ads in the Little Falls Evening Times from July 1961. 

The now defunct  A&P Super Market and P & C Food Market were advertising these specials in Little Falls newspaper back in 1961. We couldn't resist finding out how much these items cost today.


1961 2016
Chuck Steak at A&P
$0.37 per pound $3.29 per pound
London Broil at A&P
$0.79 per pound $5.99 per pound
Chicken Legs at A&P
$0.39 per pound $1.49 per pound
Chicken Breast at A&P
$0.41 per pound $2.29 per pound
Ground Beef
A&P 2 pounds for $0.89 $3.99 a pound
P&C 1 pound for $0.39
Head of Lettuce
A&P 2 for $0.25 1 for $1.99
P&C 2 for $0.29
Duncan Hines Cake Mix at P&C
4 for $1.00 $1.79 each
Canada Dry Cans at P&C
$0.10 each 2 8 packs for $7.00
Bananas at P&C
2 pounds for $0.25 $0.59 a pound
Cube Steak at P&C
$0.98 per pound $5.29 a pound


We used the sale prices from Price Chopper as comparison always using the lowest price. For example, certain brands of Chicken Breast are selling for over $5.00 per pound, but we found some on sale for $2.29 per pound and went with that price point.

Lynn Osley Rosen

What a blast from the past right? For an even bigger impact look at the inflation calculator. Something that cost $1.00 in 1961 would now cost $8.05.


Special thanks to Lynn Osley Rosen for use of photos.

Bonus Video: Photographer Adam Kraszewski