Maybe you graduated high school at the beginning of the millennium. If that was the case, chances are you heard this classic from Eve 6 at your prom. This week’s Throwback Tuesday let’s focus on “Here’s To The Nights”.

Now over the years there has been a world of debate over this classic. Most people commonly associate this song as a nostalgic song signifying the end of something special. When I DJ parties I often play this at the very end of the night. You can hear played at school graduation ceremonies almost all the time. But apparently there may be another meaning to this song.

The chorus: "Here's to the nights we've felt alive. Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry. Here's to goodbye tomorrow's gonna come too soon," Is the guy toasting to the nights like the night they just had, and had before, where they had sex and felt so alive. And then he's toasting to the girl because he let her know it was gonna be a one night stand just like the last time and she still couldn't resist because she likes him too much to turn him down, and she's still gonna be upset about it and shed the tears she knew she'd cry, just like the last time they had a one night stand. Then he toasts: "here's to goodbye tomorrow's gonna come too soon" because earlier he told her "in a day, and a day love I'm gonna be gone for good again." Meaning that tomorrow he's leaving for good, like he's once told her before.

I’d rather not think one of my favorite songs off all time is about a one night stand. Check out the video, the lead singer is in love and is trying to enjoy one night with his friends and the woman he loves. I highly doubt it’s about one night. What do you think?




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