Sometimes you need a comical song to remind you of your past. Well I guarantee at some point this next song was on your stereo. At the height of boy band music, N Sync released “Bye Bye Bye”, one of the biggest boy band songs of all time. Enjoy a little JT with your coffee on this weeks Throwback Tuesday.

This was the first single from No Strings Attached, which was the second N' Sync album. It set a record, selling 2.4 million copies the first week it was out. This was also N'Sync's first album released on Jive Records. The Group sued manager Lou Pearlman claiming he was taking almost all of their profits, the group sued to leave him and the RCA label and singed with Jive. This led to speculation that this song was about their break with Pearlman, although there's no evidence to support this.

It’s 2000 all over again with your string puppets and “Bye Bye Bye”