Everyone learns and processes information differently, but one teacher is trying to teach her class by tapping into our biggest pop and music stars.

South Florida-based teacher and TikToker Nat, a.k.a. @nattiemeetsworld, has gone viral for teaching her kids by using song quotes and lyrics from famous pop stars and celebrities.

In several videos posted to her account, she uses lyrics from the likes of Britney Spears, Drake, Beyonce and Ariana Grande to get her lessons to really stick with the kids she teaches.

In one viral clip, Nat uses some of Britney's most famous songs, including "Circus," "Lucky" and "...Baby One More Time," to seemingly deliver some math lessons, as her students shout, "Slay, queen!"

When it comes to "Lucky," she actually plays the song and incorporates it into the lesson. Watch below:

In another video, she uses Drake's songs "God's Plan" "In My Feelings."

Both songs were massive hits for Drizzy and topped the coveted Billboard Hot 100 chart upon their release.

Another clip features Queen Bey herself, Beyonce. Again, Nat employs another impeccable selections of songs including many of Beyonce's biggest and most well-known songs, from "Single Ladies" to Irreplaceable."

Yet another video highlights Ariana and her hit singles "Thank U, Next," "The Way," and "7 Rings" as Nat teaches her kids some math lessons.

Since going viral on the social media platform, many have come forward to praise Nat's playful, pop-minded teaching method.

Commenters have labeled the videos as "hilarious," and other teachers have weighed in too, sharing they want to use Nat's method in their classes as well.

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