Who says you can only get a good deal on Black Friday. One New York Mills woman scored a deal you won't believe and it was all thanks to TikTok.

Cassandra Prosser got 50 pairs of socks for less than $2. How'd she do it? She saw a video on TikTok showing how to get really good deals on clearance items. "I came across the video showing you could get a pack of 10 socks for twenty five cents."

Cassandra and her daughter headed to the New Hartford Walmart to see if the deal was true. "I didn’t believe it, so of course I had to try it out for myself."

The socks were originally $9.97 and on sale for $5, which is still a good deal for 10 pairs of socks. Cassandra says she grabbed 5 packages and went to cash out. "We showed a few employees the video, and they were a little hesitant. They contacted a manager who said because the video was of a lady shopping at Walmart, they had to price match the deal."

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50 pairs of socks and all it cost Cassandra was $1.25. You probably won't get the same deal though. "I took all they had," Cassandra said. And she's just getting started. "We plan on finding more great deals like this to donate to our community in needs in the future. I’m going for first aid kits next."

You may not be able to get 50 pairs of socks for $1.25 but you can find other deals at Walmart at Dailybargainz on Tik Tok.

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