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Just Jen's favorite man has just reached a court settlement in California for stealing. What exactly did he swindle?

Mr. Selleck has an avocado farm in Ventura County. His plants were thirsty, so he allegedly opened up a public fire hydrant and transported water back to his ranch. The actor's actions were not appreciated, especially in an era of serious drought conditions in the Golden State. According to the Hollywood Reporter:

The court documents allege that Selleck continued filling his tanker even after cease-and-desist notices were sent to two of his Southern California homes. The Calleguas district, which serves a large portion of Ventura County, claims it paid $21,685.55 to an investigator to look into the alleged water theft. It has sought that amount and an injunction, along with court and attorney fees.

Do you think it’s a little ironic that Ventura County hired a real private investigator to stake out the guy who played one on TV for eight years? Selleck currently plays a police commissioner on the hit show Blue Bloods.  Producers of the show were considering developing an episode that mimicked Selleck's actions; they changed their minds when they were reminded that no one would ever steal New York City water. Is it really that terrible?

Have you heard of #droughtshaming? The media has been using the term a lot lately. I know from experience that water is a coveted resource in California. When I was living there, I remember telling family members that drought conditions and water restrictions rarely ever dissuaded my next door neighbors from washing their cars and watering their gardens. C'mon guys!

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