Have you ever wondered where in New York State the most people sleepwalk? Shockingly it isn't New York City.

What Causes Sleepwalking?

According to NHS, the exact cause of sleepwalking is unknown. What they do know though is that it seems to run in families. You're more likely to sleepwalk if other members of your close family have or had sleepwalking behaviors or night terrors.

The following things can trigger sleepwalking or make it worse:

- not getting enough sleep
- stress and anxiety
- infection with a high temperature, especially in children
- drinking too much alcohol
- taking drugs
- certain types of medicine, such as some sedatives
- being startled by a sudden noise or touch, causing abrupt waking from deep sleep
- waking up suddenly from deep sleep because you need to go to the toilet

Other sleep disorders that can cause you to frequently wake up suddenly during the night, can also trigger a sleepwalking episode.

Who Suffers From Sleepwalking?

Each month over 128,000 Americans search 'Sleepwalking' into Google. Which cities in New York are suffering the most from this nighttime phenomenon? The experts at MattressNextDay took a deep dive into Google search data to discover out which cities in New York are most likely to experience sleepwalking. We have that data below.

In some episodes of sleepwalking, a person may just sit up in bed and look around, briefly appearing confused. Others may get out of bed and walk about, open cupboards, get dressed or eat, and they may appear agitated. In extreme cases, the person may walk out of the house and carry out complex activities, such as driving a car."

So where in New York do people sleepwalk the most?

Top 10 New York Cities That Are Most Likely To Sleepwalk

The experts at MattressNextDay took a deep dive into Google search data to discover out which cities in New York are most likely to experience sleepwalking. 

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