I'm excited because one of my favorite restaurants is scheduled to open in New Hartford later this year. Construction is underway, and I'm nuts about Texas RoadHouse; literally. 

There are a number of attributes that I love about Texas RoadHouse; here a few of my favorites.

1. Live Like a Renegade & Toss Your Peanut Shells on the Floor. Every time I visit the RoadHouse I can't help but feel slightly guilty for throwing my peanut shells on the floor.  It doesn't feel like the responsible, courteous thing to do. However, at Texas RoadHouse they encourage you to leave the mess for someone else to clean up. They realize that you work hard, and deserve a night to not give a care. Leave your broom home, and go nuts.

2. Steak. OK now that I have your attention, Let me alert you to the fact that Texas RoadHouse has 9 different cuts to choose from. The last time I dined there I ordered the Ft. Worth Ribeye. The waitress was so cool because she wouldn't let me order until she was assured that I ordered the right steak for me. I kind of felt like I was being fitted for a suit or a new car. They wouldn't let me drive off until they knew I was satisfied.

3. RoadHouse Rolls Will Make Your Taste Buds Dance.  I've never considered myself a bread eater. Dinner rolls are typically one food I can live without...I have to make an exception however because this bread will be the downfall of us all. They're served with a creamy cinnamon butter that melts in your mouth, and the rolls are fluffy, light, and downright delicious. The last time I was there I ate 4. Oh, they also come on an unlimited basis.



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