If you're planning on traveling this weekend, car rides can seem long and boring if you're not entertained along the way. Thankfully, we're here to help! 

Road trips can be lots of fun if you've got a list of games to play. Here are 5 ways to occupy your time and keep you smiling on your next trip! More information can be found on Howstuffworks.com.

Punch Buggy

My sister and I used to play this game on our road trips to Florida. The rules are simple and the fun is never ending; basically when you spot an old Volkswagen Bug you shout out "punch buggy" and gently punch the person in the seat next to you... If you're worried about this game getting ultra-violent, players can exchange the punches for gentle taps. On a side note, there aren't as many Bugs on the road as there used to be. You can modify this game into "City Civic." Every time a player spots a Honda Civic, the other participants have to name one of America's capital cities.

20 Questions

In this game players have to guess the answer by asking questions. For example, let's say I'm thinking of a cow. You would then ask me: "is it a person?" No. "Is it a thing?" No "is it an animal?' Yes. Next, you have 17 more guesses to figure out what animal it is. When I played this game I would usually tap out after about 5 or 6 rounds. It can tend to be mentally challenging and exhausting; but mom and dad you can use this to your advantage because your little ones will probably want a nap after they've played this for a half hour or so.

The Singing Game

There are many different ways to play this game but one of my family's favorite ways to play is by singing one line from a popular song; meanwhile the next player tries to come up with a lyric from another popular song that would follow logically. For example, I'll start singing "Happy" by Pharrell: "Because I'm happy; clap along if you feel like a room without a roof because I'm happy." The next player may follow up with "and you know it clap your hands, if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. Pharrell's line ends with "happy," so the next song would start with a lyric that starts where the other left off; "and." This game is really difficult to explain in written form lol. Hopefully you get the gist. I'm also not very good at this game because I generally don't listen to song lyrics.

The Story Game

This game is similar to the singing game. One individual starts the story, and the next player incorporates a new scenario or character when it's their turn. Here I'll start: "There once was a very funny boy from Utica." If you were playing, you might chime in with "He was so funny that he wouldn't even have to open up his mouth for people to start laughing." The next player might string in a line like "This hurt the boy's feelings." The Story game can go on for days if you let it. When I used to play, the game usually ended when we stopped at the nearest rest area.

The License Plate Game

This is one is my all-time favorites. This game is especially suited for long trips because the object is to spot a license plate from all 50 states. The first one to finish the list wins. Easy right? Not so much; Hawaii and Alaska plates aren't all that common on the highways. Enjoy the fun though!

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Here's a video that introduces some more road trip games.

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