Growing up in Rome and Utica one thing has been very clear to me; everyone seems to know one another. Whether that's a good thing, or a bad one, we live in a small area. I put together a list of the Top 5 Local People everyone seems to know from Utica.

  • Photo by Dave Wheeler/Townsquare Media
    Photo by Dave Wheeler/Townsquare Media


    If you were wondering if the theory about Elvis being dead was false, you're right. Elvis lives right here in Central New York! You can find him throughout the Verona. I was lucky enough to catch him at our country station Big Frog 104's Frogfest Concert. It's a tradition to find him and take pictures with him. He loves it too, and he knows quite a lot of people.

  • Photo by Joe Meher/Facebook
    Photo by Joe Meher/Facebook

    Joe Meher

    I worked with Joe for about a year at Best Buy in New Hartford. All I can say is he is quite the character. He always knew how to get his sales staff motivated and get the team energized. With phrases like "Yeahhh Buddy" how could you not like the guy? It seemed like everyone that walked into the store to buy something requested him by name. He treated people with respect, and treated people right. Sales people can lack that nowadays. People in this area defiantly know Joe Meher.

  • Photo by smileyclown13/Youtube
    Photo by smileyclown13/Youtube

    Smiley The Clown

    It seems like every event you go to whether its fireworks or an event at The Utica Zoo, Smiley The Clown is there to entertain. She's great with Kids, and parents love her as well. She's been around for a long time, and she isn't going anywhere any time soon. You can catch some of her video clips on Youtube.

  • Photo by Rainbow Young/Facebook
    Photo by Rainbow Young/Facebook

    Rainbow Young

    If you've ever been down to Varick Street for Saranac Thursday, you probably have countless pictures with Mr. Rainbow Young. Rainbow is undeniably one Utica's best known icons! You've probably seen him playing one of his many instruments on any given corner, summer or winter. He's always happy and fun to be around. He has thousands of friends all over, and most people from this area know him very well.

  • Photo by microdincNC/Youtube
    Photo by microdincNC/Youtube

    Joe Tahan

    Growing up in this area I've known only one place that gives you life advice along with your great deals on Furniture. That would be Joe Tahan's owned by Joe Tahan. Joe is known and loved by many in this area. You always know when his birthday is, because Tahan's has a huge birthday sale. You also know he's a Yankee fan because he wears his hat in his ads. I had his wife as a substitute teacher growing up and she always brought in Dum Dums

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