When we read the news this week about Joe Tocco, the Elmira man who stole the Little Debbie delivery truck, we were shocked.

Not shocked that the 38-year-old criminal TOOK the truck, but that he DIDN'T take any of the inventory. Police on the case said the contents of the truck were intact. What kind of deranged lunatic steals a Little Debbie truck...and leaves all the snack cakes and brownies untouched? He claimed he was just using the wheels the visit family and friends.

It got us to thinking (always a dangerous thing): What type of snack truck would YOU steal if you had the chance? Here are our top 9:

  1. Cheez-It...Which is also what you say when the cops show up
  2. Fritos...Be your very own Frito Bandito
  3. Funyuns...Best. Snack. Name. Ever
  4. M&Ms...But only the peanut version, because, you know...healthier
  5. Reese's...But only the dark chocolate type
  6. Pop-Tarts...Hopefully the ones with the icing
  7. Skittles...Steal the Rainbow
  8. Twizzlers...Never have to buy 'em again at the movies
  9. Twinkies...Expiration date: Forever

And, by the way, we're keeping some of the inventory. Hypothetically.

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