Guys don't notice stuff, and now there's proof. All it took was a thumbtack and a Cheez-It.

Central New York women, take note. An enterprising teen proved what we've suspected for a long time: guys don't notice anything. Here's how it went down. Back in 2015, Chris Smith tacked a Cheez-It to the dining room wall in her family home to see how long it would take for her Dad to notice.

After 4 years, he still hadn't noticed. Instead, the Cheez-It rotted off the tack and Chris's brother-in-law gave away the secret.

Before you ask, the Cheez-It wasn't hidden - it was hung in plain sight.

If you're a woman, all of this should be no surprise to you. Women have known for some time that guys have an uncanny knack to not see anything that isn't food or boobies. (I realize there are exceptions to this rule, guys, but I'm talking generally.)

Here's my theory: it's actually a conspiracy. At some Guy Club meeting, all guys agreed that if they ALL pretend like they don't notice the little things around the house - like dirty towels on the floor, or the dishes next to the sink - they'll never have to take care of it. It's called 'plausible deniability.'

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