If you're seeking some Valentine's Day fun outside Central New York, you don't have to travel very far.

Two markets in the Empire State hit the top 100 in a study released by financial services website WalletHub. Their list of 2019's Best Places for Valentine's Day include both New York City and Buffalo. Their research rated 100 major "U.S. cities across 25 key metrics, ranging from florists per capita to forecasted precipitation to cost of a three-course meal for two." Here's how it all stacked up:

  • San Francisco #1
  • New York City #2
  • Las Vegas $3
  • Buffalo #94

In the breakdowns, the Big Apple was ranked #1 for Activities and Gift Accessibility, but #62 and #65 in Weather and Budget.

Even though Buffalo's overall rank was on the lower end of the top 100, it placed 21st in Activities.

So, maybe the takeaway would be: Road trip to either Buffalo or New York, take advantage of their great Activities, then return home to the coziness and affordability of Central New York.

Scottsdale, Arizona might also be sweet for Valentine's Day, because the Phoenix suburb ranks 1st in Affordability and 2nd in Weather.


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