As the economy continues to sputter, families are trying to save money where they can. One of the ways to save money is to buy things secondhand. There is nothing wrong with that. Growing up we always got jeans at the Salvation Army, it makes sense if you want to save money.

Some products aren't always great second hand. Would you wear someone elses underwear? Would you eat a half eaten taco? Probably not. You need to know what to stay clear of.

According to Consumer Reports magazine, here are some products to avoid buying used:

Cribs- There are millions of poor quality cribs out there that are a safety hazard to young children. Even though more than 11 million dangerous cribs were recalled between 2007 and 2010, only a fraction of them were ever actually taken off the market.

Bicycle Helmets- Helmets deteriorate over time, so play it safe and get a new one, even if it's a cheaper model. They are expensive, but totally worth it.

Toys- Lead is a big problem and you have no way of telling how much lead might be in a used toy that could end up in a child's mouth.

What wouldn't you buy second hand?