The CDC predicts the summer of 2017 will be one of the worst tick seasons we've had in years.
Check your pets for ticks after spending time outdoors; if you find a tick make sure to remove it immediately. There are several repellents you can use during peak tick season, which starts in spring and ends in fall. Lyme Disease is a unique disease that affects animals and humans in a variety of different ways.

While away at college last year, my family took care of my boxer pup. She's almost 11 years old now and when I came home I didn't realize the symptoms she had were caused by lyme disease. I contributed many of her symptoms to her old age. My dog's biggest symptoms:

  • Lameness & Lethargy 
  • Joint Pain
  • Excessive Thirst & Urination

Other common symptoms include fever, loss of appetite and general discomfort.

At previous appointments the veterinarian suggested she might have joint pain due to arthritis and the lethargy was due to old age. It may be hard to notice symptoms if your dog is elderly and has other health issues.

When a dog gets diagnosed with Lyme Disease they typically go through 4 weeks of antibiotics. While this does subdue many of the symptoms, it's likely the disease will stay with them the rest of their lives. Make sure to keep you and your furry friends safe this summer!



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