A rare complete solar eclipse will occur across North America later this summer. This is when the moon, sun and earth line up. The moon's orbit angle usually prevents this from happening.

According to Syracuse.com, the eclipse path will start on the west coast near Salem, Oregon and will travel through the middle of the U.S., finally ending in South Carolina. Along the line, the sky will go completely dark making mid-afternoon seem almost like nighttime. However, here in upstate and Central New York, the eclipse will be less than 90 percent, which will still be pretty cool.

This eclipse, which will happen on Monday, August 21 is being called "an amazing cosmic coincidence." It will be the greatest total eclipse to affect the lower 48 since the early 1900's.

If you miss it this time, the next total solar eclipse visible over the continental United States will be on August 8, 2024.




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