Starsky & Hutch was a huge hit during the 70s, it now stands as one of the iconic cop shows of it's time. These guys did dress to impress and the car chases really gave us something to look forward to. Yes, Detectives Starsky and Hutch were like oil and water. Ken Hutchinson enjoyed the quiet life, being well read, a deep thinker, and he enjoyed fine dining. Dave Starsky, on the other hand, was louder, more colorful, enjoying street life and (like me in the 70s) a diet of junk food.

There was some talk that for the fifth season, Hutch would be partnered by Starsky's younger brother Nicholas, who we first met in the fourth season in "Starsky's Brother" And remember Huggie Bear?

"Starsky & Hutch" ran until 1979.