Watching this nostalgic TV show as a child I thought, "Cool, I can't wait to grow up and get my own apartment wearing bell-bottom jeans and then girly girls will come over to smooch with me." I was a warped child. 'Love American Style' featured hour-long shows that had a show within a show, each with an introductory title card. Normally there were three or four mini stories in a show. Sometimes there were as few as one or as many as five.
The theme song was originally sung by a very popular group of the time, the Cowsills, but later it was replaced by a more uptempo version, credited to the "Love American Style Singers." Love American Style went away for a while and then in 1986 'The New Love, American Style' aired on ABC's daytime schedule.

This mini episode is full of superstars. Please disregard the ad stuck on the video.