While toys are designed to bring joy and happiness to children, there are some toys that actually can hurt everyone out there. Here’s a few from holytaco.com to watch out for.

Here's a rundown of some dangerous toys:

  • Pellet Guns- These can cause all sorts of trouble and pain, inspiring the phrase, "It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye ..."
  • Super Soaker's Max Infusion: Arctic Shock Edition- I don’t care how old I am, I’m interested  in getting one listen to this: This marvel of science comes with an extra tank that chills the water down to a bone chilling temperature.
  • The Painstation- German computer programmers developed a table top bar video game that pits two players in a fast paced "Pong" game that shocks, burns or whips players if they fail to stop the ball in time. The loser is the first person to take his hand off of the "pain plate.". Little odd game.
  • Lightning Reaction Extreme- This game shocks the entire hand of losers while playing creepy music. Why you would buy something like this is beyond me.
  • Lawn Darts- Jarts? I thought they stopped making these because they were big death missiles… maybe they still have them though.