So you may be planning a movie date night this weekend. Sadly guys have no sense of what to watch and what not to watch, being a guy I'm allowed to admit that. Here's some movies if he picks you should be running for the door!

According to, here are some movies you definitely do NOT want to watch on a date night:

  • Leaving Las Vegas - Nicolas Cage tries to drink himself to death while hanging out with a prostitute, sounds like a great date night!
  • It - Good luck trying to have a cute night after watching a Stephen King movie about a terrifying clown with sharp teeth. Due to this movie I’m terrified of clowns!
  • Requiem For a Dream - The dark perils of drug addiction sounds like the cutest date night!
  • Marley and Me – Sounds like a cute one, has all the right things for a date movie, except you can pretty much predict the ending. The real question is do you want to be depressed when it’s done? PASS
  • Schindler's List – If you considered this a date movie you should go get a CAT scan.

When in doubt pop in The Notebook, Big Fish, or anything Nicholas Sparks you can’t go wrong. What are your favorite date night movies?