It's something that customers constantly complain about (myself included) and that is the traffic situation that happens whenever you head into Consumer Square in New Harford. It is constantly congested, especially by the area near Starbucks, and then whenever you want to leave the plaza, turning right. It, for lack of a better term, is a mess there.

However, word on the street is that will be changing by next summer.

According to minutes obtained from the New Hartford Planning Board meeting, it looks like some improvements are coming to Consumer Square in May or June of 2023.

Back in July, the changes were on the planning board agenda to be discussed. Mr. Matt Oates of Benderson, the developer of Consumer Square, stood before the planning board to discuss. The minutes say he has been working with the Department of Transportation along with the town staff to improve the traffic flow

Mr. Oates has been working with Town Staff regarding internal changes in the traffic patterns for Consumer Square, particularly for Starbucks. He has submitted modifications to the intersection behind Applebee’s and the addition of a second right turn lane at the main signalized entrance. They have diligently been working with NYSDOT to enhance traffic flow. He gave a presentation of how the traffic would flow. This new layout will assist with other businesses in this particular area.

The information was then further broken down in the minutes from the October meeting, and the amendment was approved, meaning the plans can move forward.

Among the traffic flow improvement being presented to the planning board, a new building will be going up adjacent from Staples in Consumer Square. There is no word about what will be occupying that space, but it is for retail purposes, not a restaurant. As we learn more, we'll keep you informed.

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Are you optimistic about the future of Consumer Square traffic? I do believe this will help. Will it solve all the problems? No. But improvement is better than nothing. Let us know your thoughts inside our station app.

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