The sad news was announced that Bed Bath and Beyond in New Hartford is amongst the list of locations closing their doors this year. When that building becomes vacant - it gives the chance for something new to go in. What would you like to see move into that space in Consumer Square?

People definitely have their opinions about what they would like to see in that space. Other retailers, restaurants, and some places are about making memories and experiences.

We asked the question on our Facebook page: "Now that Bed Bath and Beyond in New Hartford in Consumer Square is closing...what would you like to see take it's place?"

If we told you we didn't expect the answers that we got - we'd 100% be lying.

What Businesses Could Replace Bed Bath and Beyond in New Hartford?

1. Dave and Busters

2. Trader Joe's

3. Christmas Tree Shop

4. Marshall's

5. Roller Skating Rink

6. Toys R Us

7. Cracker Barrel

8. Golden Corral

Do you think any of these options would be good? Personally, Dave and Busters and Trader Joe's seem like the best option for that spot. What are your thoughts? Let us know inside our station app.

The Fate of Bed Bath and Beyond

As of September 15, the company released a list of 56 stores it plans to close. They span across the U.S., from Washington to Arizona to Florida and up to Massachusetts. Last month, according to CNBC, the company said it would close about 150 of its namesake stores and slash its workforce by 20%. It estimated those cuts would save $250 million in the company's current fiscal year.

So, is there any details out yet about when their final day open will be?

We called the store to get more information and were told they learned of the information at the same time as the public and that they're unsure of any timeline for the closure.

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