Great news for residents of Rome expecting loved ones home for the holidays via railways. The Rome train station, located at 6599 Martin Street, will be back open Monday, December 17th.

The building had been closed since July 4th after a section of the ceiling had collapsed. Final repairs will extend into 2019, but a protected walkway has been completed that will allow for immediate safe functionality. Approximately $250,000 of a state grant obtained by New York Senator Joe Griffo has been applied to the repairs and also to the construction of the walkway system.

No injuries had resulted from the structural damage, but a six-foot hole had caused problems and created security concerns.

Rome Mayor Jacqueline Izzo said that without the grant money for repairs, the taxpayers of Rome would have borne the cost of the project.

Customers who held Amtrak tickets in recent months had to have their travel plans re-routed through Utica or other nearby locations. Now, train service will resume in Rome.


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