A cat from Brooklyn may have used at least one of it's 9 lives when it became trapped in the engine block of a car.  "Gumbo" is a tabby cat that had escaped from his carrier while on a trip to the vet.  The pet then apparently found a warm place under the hood of a car, and had lodged itself in the engine block.  That's when the adventure began.

According to the New York Daily News, the owner of the car where Gumbo was staying warm, took a 230-mile drive north to go skiing in the Adirondacks.  Danna Esses drove her SUV all the way to The Great Escape Lodge in Queensbury without a clue she had an extra passenger.

After smelling something unusual, Esses popped the hood of her Honda, and there was a little head peeking out of the engine block.  The Warren County SPCA was contacted and the cat has now been reunited with his owner, who happens to be a neighbor of Esses.

There are pictures of the cat on the SPCA's Facebook page.  There is a link below.


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