I've had a mouse living in my car for a couple of weeks. He's been there so long, I've named him George. I've been trying to catch him...and it hasn't worked.Until now. (You can check out that part of the story right here.)

I set up a camera and three separate traps, hoping one would finally trap George once and for all. The plan was to catch him humanely and then set him free in the park across the way from our house.

That plan probably would have worked if I wasn't such a softie. And by 'softie', I mean IDIOT. 

I tried to move the mouse from the trap to another container so that he could dry off a bit (the trap was all wet inside). I didn't want him to freeze to death after all the trouble of catching him safely. I know, I know circle of life, hakuna matata. Whatever.

He escaped. 

It's possible that the mouse that took two weeks to capture and remove from my car is now living in my garage. Do we call that irony? Or stupidity? Or insanity?

In any event, my car is at the shop being deep cleaned...or as close to sterilized as I can get it - and it's free from mice. As far as I know.


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