If you love triangles, and honestly who doesn't, you'll love this triangle themed house for sale in Buffalo.

Honestly, in the right light and acute angle, this house has it's charm. It's nicknamed the Triangle House, and for good reason. It would be pointless to not share the address: 133 School St, Buffalo, NY 14213

Unique triangular architectural marvel in the heart of Buffalo, NY. Additional studio/ garage space in back, along with terrace in backyard. Faces a small park. Includes vacuum elevator between floors for easy access."

If you can get someone to COSINE, Zillow has the estimated payment at $5,373 a month. The house is listed at $760,000. What comes with it? 1 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, and about 2,000 square feet. It was built to display larger works of art, and utilize it's windows to maximize natural light. There is also a flex studio/garage, and a terrace in the side yard. One of the most unique features of the building is the one-person vacuum elevator

We can't tell if the house is an art museum or something amazing. Buffalo Rising reports that the house was first dreamed of by Ben Perrone in 2020. :

“This house was in my imagination years ago when I built my first solar house in Holland NY. I pictured a mirrored triangular building in the woods that would virtually disappear. After giving up living in the country I moved back to the city resuming life as a woodworker and artist. The idea of a triangle house lay dormant until I sold my dwelling and had the money to do something new.”"

The Triangle House uses solar panels, heat pumps, among other eco features. Here's a look the property for sale:

Buy This Triangle House For Sale In Buffalo New York

If you love triangles, and honestly who doesn't, you'll love this triangle themed house for sale in Buffalo. 

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