The 2018 Lyftie Awards have been announced. And Central New York has scored a couple of nods.

The drivers from riding sharing service Lyft, the main competitor to Uber, have voted on the top Upstate New York destinations for the year, and the list has been expanded to include bars, restaurants and other businesses. This year, the hottest spots in Upstate--the places where Lyft drivers pick up and/or drop off customers--include a concert venue and a diner in Central New York.

-Lakeview Amphitheater in Syracuse, located on the banks of Onondaga Lake, is affiliated with the New York State Fair;

-Stella's Diner, located on Wolf Street in Syracuse, was opened in 1998 by three Stellakis sisters and moved to Wolf Street in 2003.

Some of the other hot spots touted by Lyft are a bar named City Beer Hall in Albany and a kitchen named Falley Allen in Buffalo.


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