More underage teens have been caught hosting a party on New York State land.

A week after 30 kids were busted at Charles Baker State Forest in Brookfield, over a dozen more teens were found partying on state land in Chenango County.

On April 29, three New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Rangers were patrolling Chenango County State lands around midnight when they encountered a gathering of more than a dozen teenagers in Lyon Brook State Forest.

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Tickets Issued

The Rangers interviewed the partygoers before sending them home.

The Rangers spoke to the drivers to make sure these individuals were not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and dispersed the group.

A 19-year-old from Otego, and an 18-year-old from Guilford were ticketed for underage possession of alcohol on State Forest land.

30 Teens Caught Hosting Party in Brookfield

30 teens were caught on Friday, April 22, trying to host a party in a New York State forest. The same Rangers came across a line of vehicles driving into Charles Baker State Forest while on patrol. Three were pickup trucks loaded with pallets, according to the DEC.


Underage Ticket

An 18-year-old from Norwich, New York was given a ticket for underage possession of alcohol after rangers discovered three cases of beer.

The parents of all 30 teens were notified and DEC Rangers made sure all the teens were not impaired before allowing them to leave. "After ensuring none of the drivers were impaired and notifying the parents of the minors involved, Rangers cleared the scene."

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