We had you nominate and vote on who you thought the unofficial mascot of Utica should be. Here are the results...

So before we spoil all the fun and just come out announcing the winner, let's talk about some of the other answers. We left a spot open on the poll for people to fill in their own answers, and a lot of them were amazingly creative. Our favorites included:

- A Peregrine Falcon
- Deney the Tiger (Best Tiger at the Utica Zoo)
- The Gold Dome
- Schultz and Dooley***

***We loved the Schultz and Dooley answer so much, we added it to the poll (and it ended up doing pretty well).

We also had answers for chicken riggies and the big 'UTICA' sign off Route 12. There were some 'not-so-positive' answers like a pothole and a rat, but there were more positive responses than not.

Alright, on with the results...

Runner-Up, with 19.1% of the vote goes to - Schultz and Dooley

And your big winner...

The Unofficial Mascot of Utica is - Rainbow!

Rainbow took first place with 57.3% of the vote.

This was fun - Thanks for everyone who voted! We'll have to do another one sometime.



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