Okay, maybe we don't actually have a new mascot, but we do have a new 'friend' that has been hanging around a LOT lately...

And no, we're not talking about Intern Carl (What up Carl?!)

We're talking about an animal that's been hanging around, outside the studio, for quite a few weeks now. Actually, we've been watching this little guy (or gal... maybe?), for a long time now. I'm pretty sure I remember seeing him when I used to do mornings before Beth and Dave were here (which would have been over a year ago).

A Groundhog Outside the Lite 98.7 Studio
Naomi Lynn/TSM

THAT'S who I'm talking about. This little buddy has been hanging around a LOT. Seriously, it's getting so brave, and it's always running around and eating. We have a good view of the visitor from our Lite Studio window:

A View of the Groundhog Outside of the Building, From the Lite 98.7 Studio
Naomi Lynn/TSM

A groundhog as a mascot...

Or if you prefer I call it a Woodchuck? Either way, it wouldn't be a terrible idea. The little guy loves to eat (that's what it's doing pretty much every time we see it), and so does everyone on Lite 98.7. Our food obsession may even be worse that the groundhog's. Plus it loves to run around and play in the sunshine. Sounds like all of us at the station, too. Maybe we're closer related to this rodent than we thought.

If you had to pick a mascot for Lite 98.7, what animal or item would you pick? What do you think would do a good job "representing" us? We would LOVE to hear your suggestions - You can leave us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page. In the meantime, maybe this little animal won't be our mascot, but it will be our daily distraction throughout the workday.




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