Schools, sports teams, and even some commercial brands have mascots, so let's come up with one for the city of Utica.

Sure, we could look at "Audie," as an unofficial mascot for Utica, but Audie already has another job - He has to represent the Comets! And that's an important task.

Who or what else could represent the city of Utica?

Well, there's Rainbow. Everyone knows Rainbow - he's an icon in our city. But is being an icon good enough to be our mascot? (Or is that what being a mascot is all about).

What about a tree with a few dead branches? Before you start yelling 'Why would anyone suggest that,' or 'That's mean,' hear us out. The tree would show that Utica has been through a rough past, but it would also show that Utica still survived, and is still "growing" back... See what we did there?

Maybe our unofficial mascot should have something to do with food - Like a giant halfmoon cookie, or a big bowl of pasta - Because for some reason, everything has to relate back to food around here. Since we like it so much, maybe it should represent us... Just an idea.

Most mascots are some sort of animal. If we were going to use an animal to represent us, it has to be something strong, something tough. Maybe a tiger, a lion, or a wolf.

Help us find the "Unofficial Mascot of Utica!" You can vote in the poll below, and you can 'write-in' your own answer (if you don't like any of ours, or if you have a better one).



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