Naomi Lynn has been living in Central New York for over a year now, but there are still some important things about the area she doesn't know.

After making the mistake of calling Lowville the way it looks (low-ville), Naomi Lynn realized that even though she's learned a lot in the past year, there's still A LOT she doesn't know about the area. And she's asking for your help.

Naomi Lynn admits she doesn't know enough about Fort Stanwix. She knows it's an important piece of history, but she doesn't know the story behind it, or what's inside.

She also admits she doesn't know about the food. Sure, everyone can suggest where she should go out to eat, but when she checks out a place on her own, it's not always the best idea. Sometimes, Naomi goes to the places most people know NOT to eat at.

Naomi Lynn has heard there once was a baseball team in Utica, but she doesn't know the story behind them, either. Or how Utica got its name - seeing as there are so many "Uticas" across the country.

See the video at the top of this page for everything else Naomi doesn't know about Central New York. And maybe you can help her out. Do you have any answers for her questions?
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