We've found the most useless light in Utica. Maybe you can help us figure out why it's even there.

There's always a few stoplights in any city or town, that you just hate stopping for. Maybe the light is too long, or it seems to be timed out wrong, or whatever. But what about stopping for a light that seems to be pointless? That's got to be pretty annoying, right?!

Well, we found one traffic light in Utica that we can't figure out why it's there. It's the light right in front of the Utica AUD, on Oriskany Street/NY-5s. This stoplight makes sense if there is a Comets Game or some other event happening at the AUD, but the rest of the time, what's the point?

Light on Oriskany Street in Front of the Utica AUD
Photo Credit: Google Maps Street View

It wouldn't be that big of a deal, but you still have to stop for it. And sometimes in the morning, that's SO annoying! There isn't even a road there - It's not an intersection. Why would the light change if there's not something going on at the AUD?

Do you know why that stoplight is there? Is it to break up traffic? Or is its only purpose to help people cross the road during events at the Utica AUD?
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