The Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Monday new information regarding the spread of the coronavirus indoors, and they're getting a lot of criticism from other health officials.

The newest statement coming from the CDC said that the virus can spread more than 6 feet through the air, especially in poorly ventilated and enclosed spaces. But agency officials maintained that such spread is uncommon and current social distancing guidelines still make sense.

Many health experts outside of the CDC have reacted negatively to this new guidance, saying that the virus can spread more easily than the CDC seems to be indicating, and suggested that the public should wear masks even in prolonged outdoor gatherings when they are more than 6 feet apart.

You might remember last month when the CDC released guidelines, and then a few days later they got taken down after the "agency's position on the matter changed." It's no wonder that other officials are questioning and criticizing the latest released information.

According to the Associated Press, a small group of researchers published a letter in the journal Science that called for clearer public health guidance about how coronavirus spreads in the air.

They said health officials need to use clearer language in talking about "the size of airborne particles and droplets that can spread the disease, and be more straightforward about the role that viruses in small aerosols can play in infecting people."

Regardless, it has been proven that people can protect themselves by staying at least 6 feet away from others, wearing a mask, washing their hands, cleaning touched surfaces and staying home when sick.

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