There's a place in Utica where you can save money, and help give valuable lessons and training to individuals who might not otherwise be able to find a job. Come take a tour of the Miracle Works Warehouse.

The Miracle Works Warehouse is a project of Upstate Caring Partners, the parent company of Upstate Cerebral Palsy. They operate the Miracle Works Warehouse as a way to sell a wide variety of goods to non-profit groups. This way they are helping other groups who provide essential community services. But more importantly, they are creating real-world work situations that provide critical training to people with disabilities, and other individuals who have barriers to finding employment. They "sell" lots of products in the warehouse, but the reality is they only charge about 10% of the market value, just enough to help cover administrative costs.

Miracle Works Warehouse
City of Utica via YouTube

They have everything from home goods to building supplies - cleaning materials, laundry products, blankets and bedding, doors, windows, cabinets, paint and more and more.

This is a real win-win opportunity for everyone involved and we're proud that the City of Utica has such a wonderful resource. This video was recorded and produced by Paul Buckley for an upcoming episode of City Limits. The warehouse is located at 100-102 Mathews St in Utica. You can find out more about the Miracle Works Warehouse on their website and Facebook.


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